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22 May 2007


I totally suck and haven't been updating my blog site. Much to report, but this blog will be about the holiday Ollie and I took at the end of April/ beginning of May...

It was so great to get out of town. I was totally knackered and my head melted with work. The weather was a bit of a let down, but we got tons of sun on the last 2 days... so I did get a bit of colour.

This was the view from our apartment... gorgeous, huh!

At the end of the road near our resort was a beautiful cliff that overlooked the small bay that was outside of our window and along the coast. We took the opportunity for a photo...

The other pictures are all pretty much the same, so I'll leave it there (plus it's late and I'm knackered). We had lovely dinners each night- I at a ton of Seabass... of course they had to serve the fish with head, tail and all of the bits in between. I could have done without that, but everything was delicious so I just closed my eyes and enjoyed.

It was so lovely to get away... our last real vacation as a 2 person family...

Check out my other blog for regular updates on my baby (when I say regular, I mean when I get a chance).


  • It's not that you "totally suck" Luisa!! Its just that you have been increasingly BUSY, BUSY, BUSY. With you going here there and everywhere, etc. and that "bump" ever growing I am sure its hard to keep up with all that you have to get done let alone the things you want to get done. It's really good though that you are having some fun times along with all those busy times in your life lately. Just stay HAPPY, HEALTHY and FUNNY and all the rest will work itself out!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:59 am  

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