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06 September 2007

Andrea’s bridal shower- 7 July 2007

Jamie, Cherie and Vindy put on a great party for Andrea. The food was amazing, the games fun and well, everything was just great! I got to catch up with friends and acquaintances from high school that I’ve not seen in years! It’s amazing how much happens in 10-11 years! Everyone’s married and has kids and are pretty much totally grown up. Had to take a picture of the lovely cake...

After the party during the day, we headed out that night to a club somewhere in Northern Jersey. The breakfast club was interesting. I was pretty much starting to hallucinate from tiredness (having only arrived from Ireland on the Friday, I was still feeling my time zone- 5 hours ahead). It became a bit of a struggle to stay up, but it was a good laugh. Andrea got pretty wasted and was dancing about like a loon- really funny to watch.

This was before we even left for the club!

Lorie and Andrea in the bathroom...

It was great to see everyone again. Although there are many miles between most of us, it really feels like old times when we get together. I’m sad I won’t be able to make Andrea’s wedding in October. I’m going to be like a beached whale, I’m sure- hitting the 36 week mark. Or maybe the end of the pregnancy will be just like now- I’m not big at all! Hopefully!!


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