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06 September 2007

Erika’s hen- 27 July

8 of us headed down to Naas (just outside of Dublin) for Erika’s hen night. Marguerite and I were in one car and the other girls in another. We made excellent time- think it was around 3 hours. This is a mighty feet considering the insanity of the traffic inside and around Dublin. I could never live there- simply because of that.

So, we were the first to arrive and our rooms weren’t ready. Most of us had booked in for treatments, so we headed down to get ready for ours. I had a balancing facial. The baby kicked the whole way through the thing, but it was really relaxing and my face was glowing at the end. Once everyone had completed their treatments, we headed for the relaxation rooms- I could only do the basic relaxation room, but there was a sauna, steamroom, solarium (sun room), ice room, salt room (where they mix salt into the air and it smells kind of like the beach). It was pretty cool in all. I then headed up a bit early. I had intended to take a nap before we started partying, but once I got up to the room I just had to enjoy the surroundings. I think we got a suite. It was amazing, with a balcony, social area with large bunket and table and a huge bathroom with a roll top bath and raindrop shower. It was pretty cool!

How nice was our bathroom??

We had all of the girls around to our room for champagne, strawberries & chocolate and cheese and crackers. It was a good laugh. Then we headed down to the bar for some games- Emma, who organised everything, did an awesome job with the games. I had never had so much fun and laughed so much at a bachelorette/hen party!

Erika and Kathy, blindfolded and feeding each other bananas...

There were granny panties you had to wear if you drank with the wrong hand (each half hour or so it changed). Erika was made to run around the bar with the panties on, crawl under tables, scream things over the balcony… you get the idea. We then headed for one of the most amazing meals I have ever had. It was included in the price of our package and the food was simply amazing! (Except for the desert which was a weird attempt at a cheesecake, but I don’t think I could have appreciated it that much because I was so full up). We then head over to the club and continued the fun there.

I’m officially out of my jeans- they hardly close and when they do, I’m totally uncomfortable. So I spent most of the night with them unbuttoned. Nice.

It was a great night- exhausting, but a real laugh.

Best memory of the night was definitely Marguerite having to shove loads of marshmellows in her mouth and try and say 'chubby bunny'. I think I wee'd myself a little...


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