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06 September 2007

The on-going saga of our house… 10 August 2007

I’m so frustrated with this entire house situation. We had to get building control on the loft conversion (which we didn’t anticipate) and failed the first inspection. We then had to spend £120 on materials and Ollie and I stayed up late sawing and drilling and loosing our minds!! But it was done and we passed. So, you would think that would make things go easier, right? Wrong. I don’t know whose fault it is, but someone sucks. Our solicitor, their solicitor, their mortgage people… We had originally scheduled to complete on the 23rd of June!! It’s nearly the middle of August.

Despite continued calls to our solicitor and from our solicitor, it seems we are still no closer to the effing sale! They were supposed to release the funds on Friday, then Monday and now it’s Tuesday and we still haven’t signed the contracts.

I’m so fed up with this crap.


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