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06 September 2007

It’s finally over… the house is officially sold!!

Well, after 2 months of delays the house is officially sold. We signed the contracts on Friday, 10 August and handed over the keys. This was despite not actually receiving the money. You see the buyers were in an even worse situation. They were being forced out of their rented house, or would be required to sign another 6 month contract. So rather than have the whole thing fall through we let them move in… and paid the mortgage still, so they were living there for free. Whatever- at least we didn’t have to spend our time between the houses out of fear some hoods would decide to take up residence or wreck the house.

The money finally came through on Friday, 17 August, but of course took another 3 days to clear. But I cannot tell you how satisfying it is to see your bank balance with 6 figures in it!

So now Ollie and I can finally turn our full attention to preparing to be a mom and dad and getting our new house sorted!


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