Reynolds Space

16 December 2006

Christmas Party

We had our work Christmas party yesterday. Instead of going to Speranza's like the rest of our floor, our small (7 person) team headed over to the Pothouse for our Christmas lunch. Lunch was lovely and we all started drinking pretty early. The pictures in this post show us getting drunker and drunker... well me at least. Here is me and Nicola at the beginning of the day.

Over here they have Christmas crackers - paper packages which you pull apart to reveal a paper hat, a joke and a little prize. I got a fingernail and Nicola got a mustache... looking good!

After lunch we met up with the rest of INI at the Wellington Park hotel. Here's Nicola, Sarah and Marie having a kodak moment...

And the last picture of the night was a very drunk me with the Nicola and Nicola. Alcohol is great... only not the morning after. I have been popping Advil all day.

14 December 2006

Jacqui's Birthday

For Jacqui's birthday we all enjoyed a ride on the 'karoke firetruck'. With Champagne, vodka, beer, cider, red bull and a box of wine... what more do you need??

I couldn't resist a pose with the yellow plastic fire helmet on. Looking well sexy!?!?!

We finished off the night in Bar 7. Enjoying dancing to 70's music and drinking loads of shots. I was amazed Jacqui was able to stand the pace being 6 months pregnant. I would have been tucked up in bed by 10, but the party raged on until the wee hours of the morning. Caroline, Jacqui, me and some random. I'm looking relatively sober... don't know how, considering the amount of alcohol consumed!

Cara's Hen Weekend

20 of us went down to Carlingford for Cara's Hen Weekend. 2 nights of madness and mahem left us all dehydrated and some swearing off drink for at least a week!! The first night we all went to a pub for drinks, dancing and alot of singing (well shouting).

Here's Cara looking lovely...

Me and Marguerite...

By far the best picture of the night goes to Marguerite. We met these random Polish guys and Marguerite couldn't withstand the chance at a sexy, if somewhat shocked, pose... Ruairi will be jealous!

The second night we all dressed up as 'Cara's Kittens' with black dresses, kitten ears and little black collars with bells on them...

There was a bit of silliness happening in the bathroom after several drinks... I hope Jill's not scarred forever...

It was such a brilliant weekend and we all had an awesome time... Good luck Cara!!