Reynolds Space

03 June 2007

Anne's Birthday Party

Fourteen of us headed out to the Piano Bar & Restaurant at the Europa Hotel to celebrate Anne's 60th Birthday.
After enjoying a lovely meal, we had a really tasty cake I had made for the occasion. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially Anne.
It also gave me a new chance to wear my new top. The great thing about fashion these days is that mock tops, baby doll tops and dresses are all in style which means I'll be able to continue wearing them as my bump gets bigger.

Spa Break

For my mother-in-law's birthday, Susan (sister-in-law) and I thought it would be nice to treat her (and ourselves) to a nice spa break. We headed up to Donegal for a 2 night stay at the Carlton Hotel in Redcastle. Susan, myself, Anne and Eileen (Anne's best friend) enjoyed a relaxing few days treating ourselves to spa treatments and lovely food. I bought a bottle of rosé Cava, strawberries and a chocolate sauce to place in Anne's room upon arrival. We told Anne and Eileen to head into the bar for a drink while we checked-in and got sorted out. Picture of our efforts...

I know there are 4 glasses, but I only had 2 sips out of mine... I really don't have a taste for alcohol and have no plans to drink through my pregnancy. On Thursday, we headed out for a drive after breakfast... of course I forgot my camera, but the weather was perfect and the scenery gorgeous. Susan and I dipped our toes into the Atlantic Ocean/ Lough Foyle... it was freezing. After our drive, we all headed to the spa for our treatments. They didn't have a pre-natal therapist on staff so I couldn't get a massage, but I enjoyed a lovely facial and manicure. We had an amazing 6 course meal that night which was included in the price. We brought candles with us to surprise Anne at dessert.

We all had a great time. And for any of you looking for a wonderful and restful break I would definitely recommend heading up to the Carlton Redcastle Hotel. We got this brilliant deal- 2 nights B&B, 1 gormet dinner and 2 spa treatments for only 199Euro each!!

Bronagh & Jamesy's Wedding- 12 May

Unfortunately the weather did not stay clear on this day. The rain lashed down and made it impossible for outdoor pictures. Nonetheless, the day was lovely and a very fun event. I was exhausted having driven down to Newcastle for the reception and staying awake and on the go for 12 hours straight. The only real thing pregnancy has given me is this tiredness. Anyway, the bride and groom looked great and really happy on the day.I was able to get another use out of my bridesmaid dress from Heather's wedding, just wearing a black silk sash and black peeptoes instead of chocolate brown... although I had trouble fitting my breasts in. These bad boys have gone up to Fs! I'm kind of heaving out of most of the photographs. Here's me with the girls- Marguerite, Carment and Laura.

I could only stay up until 10:30 and then had to head off to bed. I was exhausted and my head beginning to melt from the progressive drunkeness of everyone else. I was disappointed I couldn't stay up for the disco and craic that insued after my departure, but simply couldn't make it. I had to take a picture of the cake which was gorgeous... and how I had wanted mine to look...