Reynolds Space

09 October 2007

Completion date and other bits

We've finally gotten our completion date for the new house- 25 January. It seems like a good bit away, but with the new baby and the holidays I am sure it will fly by. We won't be moving in once we get the keys. The house is not turn key, so we have to paint, tile, carpet, floor... and we need to wait until the walls dry out to tile and paint... plus the houses across the street will not be ready until the end of February so it will be a building site with dust and loud noises- no place for an exhausted mummy, daddy and new baby.

We have the luxury of not having to move out until we are ready, so no rush!

Our house type from an earlier release went on the market the other week. It has literally just been finished, but there are no floors or paint or tiles and it's still on for £40K/$80K more than we bought for... so we've made a ton of money before we've even put the roof on the house!

Ollie's mum and I took a sneaky look at the house last week. It's hard to visualise space from a plan, so it was great to see it in reality. It was beneficial in many ways- it allowed me to see changes that needed to be made- extra electrical sockets and removing the french doors between the kitchen and lounge for extra wall space. It felt really small. I know this was partially due to the grey plastered walls and lack of furniture, but it just felt so small! We always new we were downsizing in order to move into a much nicer, more expensive area, but we're down a good 600-750 sq feet! Ugh. While we have a larger plot with scope for expansion at the side and rear, that's only the living space and with a growing family you really need more bedrooms. So, I've put our name back down on the list for the largest house type (a lovely 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom, detached red brick house) for completion in 2009. We should hopefully have made a good £100K/$200K from the sale of ours and have gotten a few pay rises to afford the much higher price tag. The house is currently going for £300K/$600K and it could go up to £350K/$700K. Oh well, it's just money right?

Other news is our mortgage was approved. Not that we thought it wouldn't be, but it's good to know everything is in place for us to complete in January.

Right, more information to follow soon...